Guide to Visit
Guide to the exhibition: For your health and others during visit, please cooperate with all the admission procedures of the exhibition to prevent Convid-19. (people in MEDIUM and HIGH risk areas are not allowed to attend the meeting) Thanks you for your cooperation!
1. Children under the age of 8 are not allowed to enter the venue. Children under 16must be accompanied by a guardian who has to sign a safety responsibility letter on the spot.
2. All participants please register with your real names. Please cooperate with pandemic prevention team to check your QR code (healthy code), travel route QR code and your body temperature when entering the exhibition hall. Please bring your ID card for inspection.
3. Enter the entrance of the exhibition hall, show the exhibition registration electronic code and enter the exhibition after face recognition.
4. Audience visit time:
    9:00-16:30 on July 1 and July 2
   9:00-13:00 on July 3